Andreas Jakob


Hasseblad lover, Berlin aficionado, black & white enthusiast, traveling man & entrepreneur. Joined the photography club & lab in 2012 and constantly acquired more & more analogue photographers to build up a community to share knowledge and enthusiasm. Shooting film is like slow food, it’s all about passion. It is about concentration, knowledge, it’s working with real material, it’s about standing in a darkroom in the middle of the night and wrecking your first roll of film by winding it up incorrectly, it’s about curiosity when waiting for you negatives whilst processing, it’s all love.

Robert Crahmer

Stellvertr. Vorstand

Als weltfremden Mediengestalter zog es mich 2010 nach Berlin. Ich absolvierte dort mein Fachabitur und wurde daraufhin Ingenieur für Medientechnik und bin seither als freiberuflicher Designer und bildender Künstler tätig. Heute verfolge ich bei meiner autodidaktischen Annäherung an die inszenierte Fotografie überwiegend eine sinnliche Ästhetik. Ich liebe Bilder mit schrillen, unbequemen und kontrastierenden Wirkungen – alles was außergewöhnlich und spürbar ist. Den Verein unterstütze ich mit Projekt- und Ausstellungsorganisation, administrativen Aufgaben und einigem mehr.

Frederik Ferschke

Vorstand Finanzen

Fred sieht die Welt von Geburt an in Diapositiv, manchmal aber auch negativ. Sohn von Steve MehrCurry und Loreen Ipsum. Studiert Fotojournalismus und Dokumentarfotografie in Hannover. Fotograf im Bereich PR/ Event.

Alexander Ziegler

Ehrenmitglied / Ehem. Vorstand

Als exzentrischer Visionär und unermüdlicher Fragensteller wurde Alexander 1987 in Berlin Köpenick geboren. Von den Umbruchsjahren der Deutschen Wiedervereinigung geprägt, hat er nach vielen Irrwegen schließlich seine Berufung als Hochzeitsfotograf in Berlin mit Spree-Liebe Hochzeitsfotografie und Fotojournalist für Reportage- & Dokumentarfotografie gefunden. Außerdem arbeitet er unter der Marke Leine-Liebe Hochzeitsfotografie jetzt auch als Hochzeitsfotograf in Hannover und unter Wanderlust Weddingphotography als Hochzeitsfotograf Mallorca.

Joanna Chwiłkowska

Protokoll / Mitglied

Multidisciplinary image creator, using a medium such as photography, video and also recently voice. Adheres to expressing emotions in a minimalistic as well as in a profligate way. Interested in the connection between image and sound.Owner of ASIDRON. Co-founder of TRASHURY. Co-founder of TRÄUME. Co-founder of GIRL / BOY STUDIO.

Louis Fernandez


French Canadian freelance musican and photographer. Based in Berlin since 2017. Participant of the International Class at Neue Schule für Fotografie in 2018. Had the pleasure to take workshops with Thomas Rusch in Hamburg and with Pierre Radisic in Barcelona. Passionate analog photographer and printer. Exploring the nature of intimacy and authenticity in our culture.

Fernando Offermann


Journalist und Fotograf. Gesichter, Farben, Geschehen und Mode. Kameras ja, Objektive ja, Licht ja, Studio ja, Aufträge ja, Veröffentlichungen ja.

Izabella Chrobok


Berlin based photographer, musician, media designer & stylist. Co-Founder of KEYI STUDIO. She has creative background in the design field and since five years runs a company called KEYI STUDIO with her partner Greg, focusing on photography, film & art projects. Connecting digital and analogue media, she is exploring new solutions to achieve the best possible results to visualise and realise ideas in an creative and innovative way.

Felix Loehl


As a Street-photographer Felix is deeply connected with the people and the obscurities of everyday life in Berlin. With his analogue picture he tries to capture and memorize the paradoxes of the human species and show the imperfections that shape us. As it is his interest as a ethnomusicologists to outline the diversities of culture in sound and its structures as it is his interest as a Street-photographer to outline the more spontaneous outbreaks of human emotions.

Sina Mühlbauer


Sina’s work is driven by a deep desire to see, feel and understand the social dynamics of urban realities. Through her lens, the German artist with Colombian roots is a perceptive and gentle observer – unveiling depth and meaning in human interaction.

It’s not just individual moments in time, that spark her interest but the people, each on their own journey, and in reflection: allow the viewer's story to shape the gaps, to open up a realm of interpretation in volatile proximity.

With a “strong feeling of people, and how to capture energy and life on the street [she is] creating work that goes beyond the ordinary, […] trying to suspend the moment into something else.”* Her images “address very different subject matter yet they share a similar delicate quality […]. It's hard to describe but [her] images feel like they are so much about the atmosphere and feeling of the moment unfolding; as if [she is] not only communicating what [she] saw, but also how those moments made [her] feel.”* *LensCulture Reviews 2020, 35mm B/W

Sina studied Communications & Film (M.A.), Psychology and Cultural Philosophy at Leipzig University. She has a strong background in journalism that took her from Leipzig to Spain and New York City’s United Nations. Sina is currently based in Berlin.